Capacity planning for both Supply Chain & Individual Resource is one of the most challenging areas of controlling & delivering any Property Development Programme.

It is often spread across multiple workstreams and prone to consistent change, both which make any form of transparency and planning exceptionally difficult. This said however, when it’s done right it has the potential to deliver significant savings in time, effort & cost.

The iSite software solution is helping our clients to capacity plan both their supply chain & internal their resources through our advanced modeling tools. This planning and management are achieved through a combination of powerful operational tools which allow the resource to be set in templates and allocated at a project \ work type level and our iSite Analytics platform to identify actionable insight.

As in the example above, we can easily identify that our availability of Partition & Suspended Ceilings contractors on our Programme is half of that required – we can now take immediate action.

By highlighting where capacity issues can impact on delivery, we can now make the necessary changes enabling rapid pro-active response to over and under capacity at a granular level, removing operational risk, reducing costs and ensuring the business needs are met.