The UK is suffering from a looming beer shortage this week, which can be traced back to a reduced demand for farm fertilisers. The process of producing fertilisers relies on the production of ammonia, which in turn releases a huge amount of CO2; this is then sold to beer manufacturers to create cold crisp lager.

As farmers require less fertilisers over summer months, ammonia production drops and plants are often closed for essential maintenance; this coupled with some untimely failures within the remaining plants means production is currently almost at a standstill.

This is happening during a time where the UK (well, England) are for the first time in what seems decades; actually in with a potential chance at winning a major football tournament – we don’t need to point out how this ties into beer consumption. Combine this with a one of the warmest June’s on record and you have a perfect storm of over demand against lack of supply.

Could it be that with greater insight and data integration that this problem could have been prevented?

Clearly the World Cup schedule is available on most fridges across the UK, and the weather trends dating back to 1929 consistently show a consistent trend for peak sunshine hours for May and June. Combine this with historical ammonia production and fertiliser demand, planned production plant maintenance schedules and perhaps slightly greater focus emphasis on pro-active maintenance management [one hell of a fault that puts a whole factory out of action].

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