Sustainability is increasingly a vital part of the business strategy for many organisations. It comes in many shapes and sizes from environmental commitments to simply ensuring a business is able to survive and thrive for the long-haul, reinventing itself to meet new challenges.

However, at the very foundation of any drive for sustainability is the need to understand the basics of exactly what you have in terms of property and assets, where they are and what they are costing you. Only then can informed decisions be taken that can drive change, efficiency and good environmental practice.

At iSite our solutions enable organisations to gather data from across a business, integrating any existing systems into one single view. Companies can then extract the data they need, leading to improved decision making and supporting the business strategy and transformation.

For example, this can provide vital insight for companies looking to rationalise their estates as part of a sustainability programme, enabling a detailed analysis of current workspaces, cost per sq ft and the impact of exiting current lease agreements. This could also include the services aligned to the measurement of utilisation of a clients’ working environment, ensuring this is maximised to meet business drivers such as a reduction in vacant space, assessment of occupancy hot-spots, increased collaboration, satisfaction and productivity of building users and employees.

Alternatively, if an organisation is looking at better ways to manage its physical assets then this data can be used for lifecycle and scenario modelling. By understanding how its assets are performing and the level of business risk associated with the assets, businesses can make informed decisions about whether to sweat them or plan for how much investment is needed ongoing.

Energy is also likely to play an important role in any sustainability strategy – both from an environmental and cost perspective – and the collation and analysis of data pertaining to performance and usage across the estate facilitates a focus on optimising energy consumption and reducing the carbon footprint across the business. For example, it is not uncommon for companies to continue unknowingly to pay a utility bill long after they have exited a property.

In short, whatever is on your sustainability agenda, our unique Digital Estate Software solution will integrate with all the relevant data sources, giving you the clarity and confidence to make the right decisions.