iSite expand their Facilities Management Capabilities with an intuitive Reactive Maintenance solution.


After talking to our customers, and observing market demands, it was clear that adding a Reactive Maintenance solution to our offering was a priority. We knew that the solution needed to be flexible enough to be used in any environment; be it the corporate world with a Help Desk operation, or in a real estate environment run by landlords.

Designed with the user in mind, our new, highly intuitive solution follows key maintenance processes and streamlines workflow. New features, such as logging service requests with just a few clicks, minimise downtime and avoid higher costs.

10 selected features from our new Reactive Maintenance Module:

  • System flexibility that suits businesses of all sizes
  • Adaptable to all industries where Reactive Maintenance is needed
  • Configurable to client requirements
  • End-to-End process functionality helps maintenance run smoothly and swiftly throughout
  • Log a Service request call using QR codes directly from assets, making your life easier
  • Respond to emails directly to work orders as a Supplier
  • Visibility of workflow: see progress and comments keeping you in control
  • Attach images and documentation to Service requests and work orders
  • Quick search screens for both Service requests and work orders
  • Add Purchase order and Invoice data linked to work from an ERP system

Reactive Maintenance requires fewer standby resources, less planning and a lower initial cost than other maintenance strategies.

It plays an important role in any emergency situation where equipment is broken or malfunctioning. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in.

When equipment breaks down the challenge is to restore the equipment to as close to the normal operating conditions as possible, in a short time frame. Keeping downtime and inconvenience to a minimum, helps avoid higher costs as well as avoid other negative impacts that are associated with an asset out of use.

Using our customers’ insight, we identified the key requirements for a Facilities Management function and mapped them out as an end-to-end process. This runs from a call being received for an issue, through to creating a work order that can be assigned to an engineer to carry out the work to resolve the issue.

The solution is designed so that the data will reside against the Property / Asset, which then starts to build up maintenance data allowing managers to make informed decisions such as whether they need to repair or replace. The process follows a workflow that guides the work through varying stages, culminating at closure. This all allows the users to monitor progress of the work at any stage.

With 42 New Features iSite’s Reactive Maintenance covers a wide range of applications from logging service requests through to business calendars and assigned tasks.

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