iSites July release [Version 2019.10.5] is now available for our customers. This latest development includes new industry leading functionality, along with improved reporting features. We also made general improvements to the system, including enhanced flexibility, design updates and functionality developments.

New functionality added: PPM
Our new Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) solution enables planning and completion of scheduled compliance activities. The solution manages the entire end to end process including all activity templating, scheduling, activity monitoring, supplier interactions and job validation.

The new PPM solution has been designed closely with our customers and is part of an integrated maintenance workstream which will deliver new reactive maintenance and asset lifecycle management modules. We have taken a distinctive approach to PPM scheduling allowing users to template servicing schedules by activity type. These templates can then be applied with ease to groups of properties, or asset groups within properties, even auto assigning to suppliers by trade \ regions. This method not only allows for rapid set-up of your schedules, but ensures every related activity is linked for each compliance topic.

This significantly reduces admin and overhead as it is quicker to set up, easier to report on and supports activity clash detection at a local level. Group similar activities or move duplicate activities based on system intelligence.

Refresh of the Supply Chain reporting feature
We have updated our Supply-Chain Management solution by introducing improved reporting to our Supplier Performance Questionnaires [SPQ] – new reports includes Outstanding SPQs, Missing SPQ and Exception Reporting.

General improvements to the system:

New functionality

We have improved the functionality of Virtual Folders, a vehicle for grouping and sharing specific documents. This is now in line with the main Document Management System (DMS) to give a clearer indication by colour whether a folder contains documents.

Improved communication

When you are required to send a document from a Project there is now an option to select all contacts that are associated to the project rather than having to select them singularly, making the process more efficient.

Display enhancements

Job titles are now visible in allocated contact information within specific projects and project codes are now visible in timesheets to speed up the process of logging work against projects.

User Interface enhancements

We are constantly evolving our product, and this is often supported by client feedback.

In this release we have made changes to the use of space and the layout for widgets across the entire system. We have also made custom widgets more flexible with the ability to change the order of columns that are displayed.

As part of the user-driven updates, within a project record there is now a redesigned widget for adding, showing and maintaining project notes.