iSite’s new scaled-back platform makes commercial retail estate software more accessible

Nottingham, UK: iSite, a cloud-based property management platform, has announced the launch of iSite Lite – an entry-level solution for companies looking to manage multiple properties. After years supporting global businesses in estate management, iSite’s new software offers users a selection of the platform’s core features at a more accessible price point. 

By unifying property datasets and establishing a single source of truth, iSite Lite gives its users the tools they need to manage their properties – including viewing property details, managing rent due dates, monitoring leases, finding key contacts, and creating reports. With this data at their fingertips, property owners can reduce their overhead, eliminate costly mistakes and make informed decisions about their properties. 

“We’re really excited about the launch of iSite Lite,” said Ed Grover, Strategy and Property Consultant at iSite. “Commercial retail estate (CRE) software is essential for anyone managing multiple properties, whether that’s a landlord or an operator running a retail, office, residential or hospitality business. And now, iSite Lite gives a whole new audience the opportunity to access property technology and see the benefits immediately.”

iSite Lite’s features include: 

  • Property module: A portfolio of the user’s properties, including addresses, attributes, photos and tenures. 
  • Lease module: A record of leases, giving an easy overview of key details and dates to reduce the risk of missed deadlines. 
  • Document management system: Users can attach documents related to properties and leases, making it simple to record and attach relevant documentation in one place. 
  • People and contacts: A database of all the key contacts attached to the user’s properties, including job title, company name, department and contact details. 
  • Insight dashboard: Utilising BI and MI tools, users can generate reports and track the performance of their properties. 
  • Import engine: iSite Lite’s import engine gives users the option to bulk upload data, automatically creating and updating property records. For improved transparency between departments, a built-in audit log shows a historical view of these imports. 

iSite Lite is available to customers from today, with the option to sign up for a six-month free trial. For more information, please visit

About iSite: iSite is a commercial real estate (CRE) platform, designed to consolidate multiple datasets from various estates into a single source of truth. Founded in 2002 by Martin Ward, iSite has helped dozens of blue-chip companies streamline the management of their estates, driving efficiency and paving the way for more strategic business decisions. For more information, visit