Complete with a restructure and a new business strategy, iSite’s relaunch will see the platform take on new markets

Nottingham, UK: Commercial real estate platform iSite has announced its relaunch under new management, following the company’s acquisition by ERP consultants 7FC. 

iSite is designed to help organisations manage their property portfolio, including leases, asset lifecycles, documents, maintenance, compliance, and any new and upcoming projects at the company’s estates. With an extensive data model and integral business intelligence reporting, the platform simplifies and streamlines asset management, acting as the central hub for a company’s property-related data. 

With a focus on expanding into new markets, the relaunch will see iSite work with verticals like petrol forecourts, estate agents, healthcare, finance and hospitality. These new markets will complement iSite’s existing portfolio of work in the retail sector, which includes projects with global brands like Nationwide and Co-op.

Commenting on this new business strategy, Managing Partner Carl Moore said: “A product like iSite is essential for anyone managing multiple assets. But for compliance-heavy businesses, such as petrol forecourts, it’s even more important – and the relaunch is going to help companies like that solve challenges with compliance. Because it’s a different ball game when you’re filling petrol tankers up in forecourts, where you’ve got a lot of certification compliance to keep up with. That’s what iSite can do: it keeps your investment portfolio in check and makes sure you’re doing the planned maintenance your assets require.” 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the iSite team will also be looking at helping organisations free themselves from properties that are no longer performing. 

“In retail right now, a business might have a large number of open leases, some of which are decades old,” said Arfah Malik, Partner at iSite. “In a time when reducing losses is more important than ever, iSite will help you identify those inefficient assets and streamline your property portfolio.” 

The relaunch comes alongside the release of iSite Lite, a scaled-back version of the full iSite platform, which is designed to make the software more accessible to growing businesses. The Lite platform will also be able to help struggling companies better manage their property portfolio in the aftermath of the pandemic. For more information about the iSite platform and its features, please visit
About iSite: iSite is a commercial real estate (CRE) platform, designed to consolidate multiple datasets from various estates into a single source of truth. Founded in 2002 by Martin Ward, iSite has helped multiple blue-chip companies streamline the management of their estates, driving efficiency and paving the way for more strategic business decisions. For more information, visit