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iSite Enterprise

iSite Enterprise

An innovative Commercial Real Estate SaaS solution perfectly suited to multi-location business who want to have control over their estate.

  • Full control of property, projects, programmes, leases, assets, maintenance in a single view
  • Gain Insight & Intelligence to guide decision-making with Reporting & Dashboards
  • Full control and visibility of your projects and programmes
  • Visibility of lease and tenure information to drive proactive asset management
  • Model asset lifecycle and manage property assets end-to-end

Digital Estate Strategy across Estate, Projects, Assets and Facilities Management

  • Produce a single view of property through our unique Property Record, removing duplication, enhancing accuracy, making relevant information visible to the right people and informing operational and strategic decision-making.
  • Flexible deployment models with third-party platform compatibility so you can connect to existing systems and processes using integration tools so you can see all the information you need and are working from a single version of the truth.
  • End-to-end commercial real estate solution with applications across projects, estate and lease management, facilities management, and assets.
  • Document Management System, that connects across the whole system and indexes against assets, tasks, properties, and project milestones so you can quickly and easily access important and relevant information including compliance certificates, leases, plans, photos, legal documents and more.
  • Interactive graphical dashboards and customisable reports to analyse and visualise all aspects of property from projects, to leases, to maintenance, to spend.
  • Collaborative implementation where we consult with clients to a deep understanding of the details of their data and processes
  • Registered on GCloud 12 framework
  • Configurable security and access model, specifically tailored to organisation


Our team collaborate with you to achieve a successful implementation of iSite Enterprise to make proactive, responsible, well-informed investment decisions, drive operational efficiencies and have control over the maintenance and development of your real estate portfolio.

Enterprise software for end-to-end Digital Estate Strategy across estate, projects, assets, and facilities management.

  • Enterprise software for end-to-end Digital Estate Strategy across estate, projects, assets, and facilities management.
  • Your organisation has its own terminology, business structure and metrics. iSite has a uniquely flexible approach to implementation and consultation, applying industry expertise to understand the specific estate strategies of different businesses.
  • iSite Enterprise is perfectly suited to multi-location businesses who want to have control over the quality of their properties for their customers. iSite is unique in its ability to consolidate multiple sources of data on property, projects, and assets into a single view. It is highly flexible and configurable, it is cloud-based, which means if you have an internet connection and a login, you can access it anywhere in the world using any device.
  • Our mission is to be the best single provider of joined-up estate strategy, creating value through data-led decision-making and driving operational efficiencies. iSite Enterprise comes with scalable core features as standard to ensure your business requirements are met.

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