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iSite Free Trial

iSite Free Trial

iSite Free Trial

View all your property and lease information in one place

The iSite Free Trial is our introductory package that gives access to the iSite platform for free for 3 months. Focused on seeing your property portfolio and assets clearly, the functionality included in iSite Lite is selected specifically to give you control over your estate. We will work with you to identify any additional modules you want to add.

We help you visualise your property portfolio, allowing you to make key strategic decisions in a timely and accurate fashion.

Modules Included in the free iSite trial

The iSite Free Trial is our introductory package focused on showcasing how the system can help you visualise your property portfolio clearly. The functionality included in iSite Free Trial is selected specifically to give you control over your estate. We will work with you to identify any additional modules you want to add.

Property Module

Your single view of property. The Property Module brings all property information into a single place, so there is one version of the truth that’s easy to access. The Property Record shows all data, information and documents associated with the property, so you have knowledge and control.

Support Hub

You will have full use of the interactive Support Hub, which includes guidance on best practice and offers insight into how to get the most from the system.

Lease Module

All your lease information held in the right place. The Lease Module drives pro-active asset management by keeping you up to date with the information you need when you need it. Managing multiple lease breaks and expiries across a property portfolio is both important and challenging, with the Lease Module you can look ahead and take action.

Access Controls Module

It is vitally important with any software product that the right people see the right data. Using the next gen security suite, we will tailor your security parameters so you are in control of who can see what information about your estate.

Flat file Import Engine

The iSite Free Trial import engine makes uploading data into the software incredibly quick and efficient. You can upload XML or CSV data into the system to create property records almost instantly and get you started on your journey to having a single view of your property.

Preset Dashboards

iSite Free Trial includes a number of out of the box dashboards, which will offer you valued insight into your property data. The reports are fully interactive for drilling down into the area of the business you need to focus on, at the click of a button.

Document Management System

Within iSite Free Trial users can attach documents related to properties and leases, making it simple to record and access relevant documentation, contracts, leases and certificates in one place.

Organisation Module

All the different organisations you interact with across customers, suppliers and internal groups are stored and managed so there is a clear record of how everything connect

Contacts Module

Contacts enables you to keep a record of all your internal and external contacts, making finding contact details, company names, job titles, departments etc. easy and fast. Contact records all link seamlessly to the property record and activity.

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