iSite Free

iSite FREE

Entry Level Property and Lease Management Software.

iSite FREE is exactly that, it is an off-the-shelf completely free version of our product which offers you the ability to upload:

  • properties
  • leases & contracts
  • suppliers & contacts
  • key documents

You also get access to our gallery of widgets to help visualize your data and make informed decisions!

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Who is iSite free designed for?

Anybody who:

  • Is looking for their first Property Management software.
  • Wants to move away from spreadsheets.
  • Would like a clear view of their property estate and leases.
  • Needs a system but has a low budget at the moment.
  • Would like a glimpse into what iSite software can offer.

Benefits of iSite Free.

The main benefits of iSite Free:

  • The obvious one – it’s free!
  • Quickly gain access to industry leading software.
  • Easily add modules and upgrade the system to iSite Lite or Enterprise as your company grows or needs require.
  • Intuitive design and user interface make the system straight forward and easy to use.

Modules Included in iSite Free

The functionality included in iSite Free is the base line functionality required to give you control over your estate.

Take control of your properties!
Lease management made easy!

You will have full use of the interactive Support Hub, which includes guidance on best practice and offers insight into how to get the most from the system.

It is vitally important with any software product that the right people see the right data. Using the next-gen security suite, we will tailor your security parameters so you are in control of who can see what information about your estate.

A few key customers that rely on iSite

Trusted Across Industries

“Simply put, iSite is the engine of the property function and at the heart of everything done within the programme management office.”


 The Co-operative Group

“The range and depth of what we have in iSite is satisfying a remote and diverse senior stakeholder population. iSite is the Strategic System for NBS Property”


Nationwide Building Society

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Common FAQ's

Please see below a selection of common FAQ’s asked regarding iSite Free

Do I have to pay a set up fee for iSite Free?

No, iSite Free is exactly that. We do not require any money or bank details, all that we need is a legitimate work email address plus any documents you wish to provide to personalise your Free site.

How do I know which system is best for me?

It all comes down to the functionality you want and in turn the modules your going to need.
The easiest way to determine this is will be a phone call or demo with our Sales Manager, Craig.
Follow the links above or contact him directly at

Can I pick iSite Free now and upgrade later?

Absolutely, we can set you up on iSite Free or Lite to start off with and then if you wish to expand and get more modules we can simply upgrade you.

How soon can I expect my iSite Free site to be up and running?

Currently, we are not committing to any specific time, however, typically we will have your site up and running in under 24 hours.

Do I get training on how to use iSite Free?

Yes, once your site is up and running you will be able to follow a link which will take you to an informative video showing you everything you need.

Who do I contact for iSite Free support?

If you need support for iSite Free please contact us at and one of our team will be happy to help.

What to talk to one of our professionals?

Let us know how to reach you.