iSite Lite

iSite Lite

Our Core Software Offering

Designed for SMEs, iSite Lite is our standard software offering, focused on Property and Leased Management all at an affordable price point. Lite, however,  also provides the option to add supplementary modules for additional functionality at an increased price.

iSite Lite is perfect for any business looking to integrate a core software solution or wanting to move away from spreadsheets and help their business flourish.

With it’s eye catching dashboards and sophisticated import tool iSite Lite is a great step up from iSite Free.

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Who is iSite Lite designed for?

Anybody who:

  • Is looking for their first Property Management software.
  • Is a Small to Medium Size Enterprise.
  • Wants to move away from spreadsheets.
  • Would like a clear view of their property estate and leases.
  • Needs a system at a lower budget.
  • Wants a core system to grow with the business.

Benefits of iSite Lite.

The main benefits of iSite Lite:

  • Select from our Core Modules and get a tailored system at an affordable price point.
  • Easily add more modules and upgrade your system as your company grows or needs require.
  • View all key information in one place with using our selected dashboards.
  • Intuitive design and user interface make the system straight forward and easy to use.
  • Get access to our Asset Module, free for six months!

Modules Included in iSite Lite

The functionality included in iSite Lite is selected specifically to give you control over your estate with Properties, Leases and Assets (free for 6 months). We will work with you to identify any additional modules you want in order to give you the functionality you need.

Take control of your properties!
Lease management made easy!
View the health of your estate with our intuitive dashboards!

iSite Lite comes complete with our own import engine tool, where you can easily upload data into your system.

Keep track of your key assets!

iSite lite comes with basic document managing functionality, including management of subscription.

You will have full use of the interactive Support Hub, which includes guidance on best practice and offers insight into how to get the most from the system.

It is vitally important with any software product that the right people see the right data. Using the next-gen security suite, we will tailor your security parameters so you are in control of who can see what information about your estate.

A few key customers that rely on iSite

Trusted Across Industries

“Simply put, iSite is the engine of the property function and at the heart of everything done within the programme management office.”


 The Co-operative Group

“The range and depth of what we have in iSite is satisfying a remote and diverse senior stakeholder population. iSite is the Strategic System for NBS Property”


Nationwide Building Society

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Common FAQ's

Please see below a selection of common FAQ’s asked regarding iSite Free

How do I know which system is best for me?

It all comes down to the functionality you want and in turn the modules your going to need.
The easiest way to determine this is will be a phone call or demo with our Sales Manager, Craig.
Follow the links above or contact him directly at

Does dashboards come with iSite Lite?

Yes, iSite Lite comes with a set of standard dashboards, featuring an overview of key information in the system.
With Enterprise, however, you can completely customise dashboards to show the customer any information they want.

How do I import data in iSite Lite?

When it comes to importing data there is a significant upgrade from iSite Free. Initially we will help you set up our data import tool after which you will be able to easily upload data when you want.

Is there custom branding in iSite Lite?

Yes, with iSite Lite we can customise your system with your own branding.

How long does it take to set up the system?

Typically we can have your iSite Lite system up and running within a day.

What is the User Interface like with iSite Lite?

iSite Lite’s intuitive interface typically enables customers to master the basics of the system in under 1 hour.

What support do I get with iSite Lite

With iSite lite you automatically get extra support with both access to the support hub, 2nd line support and a self service portal. On top of this you also get a dedicated Account Manager.

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Let us know how to reach you.