Keeping up with technology is rather like painting the Forth Bridge; up until a few years ago this was a never ending task that when you finished one end it was time to start all over again. Recently however technology has created a type of paint that is far more durable than anything before and thus it will now not need painting for another 25 years!

Technology is very similar, in that once you have completed the process of developing a complex solution, the underpinning technology is so out of date that it is time to start again.

Very few software vendors have the time, resources or patience to ‘start from scratch’. Two years ago iSite took the bold step to build an entirely new generation of their award winning property software platform.

This time we embarked on a process with 15 years of market and software development, learning and an absolute desire to ‘future proof’ our product for many years to come.

We looked at what our customers and the market wanted, and then looked at where technology was going

So how did we do this? Well we looked at what our customers and the market wanted, and then looked at where technology was going – rather than where it is now.

We accepted that ease of use and flexibility would have to be the underlying principles, we needed to create a piece of software that allowed our customers to see things more clearly.

Large amounts of very secure data would be used not just to provide business information and analytics, but would provide the building blocks for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The industry needs software that provides a practical user interface that saves huge amounts of training time, and provides an enjoyable, easy user experience – wherever they found themselves working that day.

With over 37 years of property services experience we understand that all organisation and businesses have differing requirements and operating models. Teams don’t want dictated ways of working, but flexible systems which can be tailored to their business needs.

A strong, flexible database, security model and architecture that is specific enough to meet our client’s requirements but open enough that it can be configured to work differently with different client needs, without the need to write bespoke software code to accommodate this.

All of this knowledge, experience and understanding combined with significant development investment has created one of the most feature rich intelligent property, asset and project management systems available on the market.

Having tried and tested the software through many client interactions, we are now launching iSite to the industry as a future proof option for intelligent estate management.

Not that we are finished, indeed we are continuously ‘painting the bridge’ with all sorts of new features to help the industry see things more clearly.

We are confident that you will be truly impressed.