Issue Faced

A large organisation with highly motivated teams with their own individual objectives. Opportunities for redevelopment or product improvement, but not put into action because they conflict with one another. For example, there is a good business case for investment in improving the physical condition or appearance, but there is also an opportunity to redevelop the site to a different use. You could extend the site to increase trading space, but that would mean possible cannibalisation of business at the site down the road. You could sell or exit the site as a going concern or assignment and open a new branch in a better location.


Analysis paralysis. There are too many options. And each scenario has a knock-on effect on the plan for another location. Getting to an answer requires a clear picture of the objectives, all of the options, all relevant attributes for all properties and all programmes and activity across departments. As a result, big opportunities are left dormant. Sometimes a decision gets made just to take some action, and the biggest opportunity is made unviable as a result.

Solution & Benefit

iSite brings all the relevant information into one place. Across departments, it displays critical information on properties, tenure, projects, programmes, management information in an intuitive and interactive format.

  • The operational data across customer, commercial trends, financial performance.
  • Anecdotal feedback can be captured through questionnaires, which can shed a light on demand drivers, footfall, or customer scores. So, the continued leaky roof, odour nuisance or anti-social behaviour doesn’t get over-looked.
  • The critical property attributes from lease breaks, valuations, extendibility, latest market enquiries, rental benchmarks, wayleaves, planning prospects to
  • The strategy for nearby sites. This way you are never in the dark about the impact of a decision and how it relates to another
  • Cross-department project and initiatives – so you can see the product upgrades, operational trials refurbishments, replacement programmes etc. that are planned or underway at the properties you are looking at.

This puts you in control to explain the numbers so you can make decisions informed about all the goings on and the moving parts. By having this sort of visibility, a complete strategic review programme can be completed. Clashes can be avoided, and investments made with confidence.

This problem ring a bell? Next Steps?

iSite Lite solution is a great way to try out the product and grow with the solution

  • Speak to us. We want to understand your needs
  • If it’s right for you, we’ll set you up with an account
  • We’ll consult briefly with you to get you up and running and show how it works
  • Get up and running, try it out. Let us know what you think. We’re confident you’ll love it and will see the benefits instantly
  • We’ll work with you to understand how it works for your business and after 6 months we’ll see if you want to be introduced to the iSite LITE product on an ongoing basis
  • Do you need more? lets discuss the extra modules we can offer...