Contacts is one of our Core Modules

Keeping in contact

Contacts along with Organisations is one of our core modules, it links into every other area of the system.
Enabling you to keep a record of all your internal users and external suppliers.
making finding contact details, company names, job titles, departments easy and fast.


Once you have set up your internal and external users, you can use the state of the art security suite to tailor the view that each user see’s. This is a very simple but effective way of ensuring users can only see what you are willing to allow them visibility of.


Combining the contact and projects module allows you to allocate individuals to project events, using their job title to ensure that the right people are allocated to the right jobs. Tracking their capacity through our smart BI reports maximising productivity.


Once you have all of your contact records created in the system, when populating property records, you can assign records to roles within those properties. For example, assigning a user as the property manager, or receptionist allows you to easily find the right person to contact from that property should the need arise.