Lease Management

Manage your leases with vision and precision

Even before the impact of COVID this year, Lease Management, particularly in Retail & Hospitality, but also in those verticals where organisations operate from large property footprints, has been an ongoing challenge.

Getting the answer to a basic question such as “how many properties do we have?” quickly and with confidence in the response was & still is difficult for a lot of Organisations.

Here at iSite we make this far easier and straight forward by offering all of this information in one easy to digest place with notifications to warn you of any key upcoming dates


All your lease information held in the right place. Managing multiple lease breaks and expiries across a property portfolio is both important and challenging. The Lease Module drives pro-active asset management by giving you the lease information you need quickly, so opportunities are not missed. Customisable dashboards help you take action ahead of critical deadlines.


Having the ability to view all of your integral property information on one page, allows you to maximise the productivity of your workforce, with visualisations to show key lease information such as lease breaks and the review basis, coupled with any maintenance tasks, planned or reactive. Will enable you to make key strategic decisions. should you just do statutory PPM, do you have dilapidation schedules for exiting properties, benefits of linking sales data to understand your most viable store. We can also link in Covid tier information to allow for rapid reactions to properties