This is a Core Module

Supplier Management

Another of our Core modules, the Organisation module allows you to group all of your contacts under their supplier record (Organisation record) in turn it also allows you to group your internal employees/users by the Organisation they work for should you have more than one base of operations so there is a clear record of how everything connects.
You can also view key information such as, regions of coverage for the suppliers, key personnel that work there, a full audit of previous engagements with your organisation and any other key information you would like to store.

Managing your supply chain

Using the organisation module and combining it with the properties module, much like contacts and Organisations, Properties are also grouped by the Organisation they are linked too, allowing for organisation and visibility.

The organisation module also links through to the supplier completing any maintenance tasks at the property, be them planned or reactive and allowing for a audit trail of who completed each task, this then allows a picture to build of total costs per supplier using our reporting module

pre-qualification and supplier ratings

Trade Allocation

Prior to selecting the supplier you would like to be allocated to your project, you can ensure they are pre-qualified, and using the information provided on their Organisation record, that they are in the trade required for the project or task, they operate in the right region and have capacity and check their performance on previous projects by combining our questionnaire module with the organisations record. This will ensure that you are always picking the best suited supplier for the job.



Organisations underpin all of the security in the system, if the organisation you work for is linked to a record and the security has been turned on to allow the Organisation personnel to view the record, then you are able to see it. Likewise, if it is not, they you are not able to. There may be times when you want to link an organisation to a record for your own audit, but not give them permission to view the information, they would be none the wiser.