The Issue Faced

As we re-open commercial premises and offices, there are so many new things to consider. When a building has been closed and dormant for a long time, how do I know I have thought of everything from a safety point of view? The situation changes over time because once the hard work is done getting the building open, the latest COVID-19 regulations and guidance can change, and how do I make sure I am keeping on top of cleaning protocols, ventilation and social distancing as more people use the building?  

The questions posed

  • How do I know I have thought of everything from a safety point of view re-opening the office/shop/shopping center/building? 
  • Are you confused about the latest guidance on cleaning procedures? 
  • Once I’ve re-opened the building safely, how do I keep on top of the latest COVID-19 procedures? 
  • How can I keep everyone up to date with the latest plans for running our branches in a COVID-safe way?  
  • How can I keep all my team up to date with the plans for re-opening the office? 

Solution & Benefit

At iSite we want everything to be as safe, simple, and reliable as possible at properties.

 iSite has features perfectly suited to plan and manage building operations for re-opening commercial premises and offices: 

  • Staff lists and contact information will all be up to date using Contacts and organisation so you can ensure that building management has these for all tenants 
  • Setting up meeting areas separate from the building management offices within Locations to avoid cross-contamination 
  • Access your building drawings in the Document Management System so you can take steps that minimise queuing on-site without having to root around to find the latest versions. 
  • Plans and objectives can be discussed and shared with Notifications as they are drafted. Tenants can receive support and advice on safety routines and their implementation the same way. 

 The right safety and security procedures 

  • Emergency response and evacuation procedures are made quicker to review and adapt using DMS and notifications so everything is kept up to date based on prevailing conditions 
  • Running Projects & programs to install Plexiglas sheets around the reception area, and information and service desks 
  • Putting procedures in place for a person suspected of infection, including the availability of an isolation area (preferably outdoor). The isolation route to quarantine and transport pick-up areas can be designated using Locations and the disinfection of areas following a suspected infection, including a hazardous/hospital waste container near the isolation area. 

 The right cleaning procedures 

  • All cleaning staff has access to the proper and most up-to-date guidance and training using the Document Management System. 
  • Cleaning staff are trained on safety protocols and cleaning methods and kept up to date with Notifications regarding the latest guidance on wearing masks and personal protective equipment and any changebetween different spaces 
  • Assets allow me to ensure the right cleaning materials are available.  
  • Identifying opportunities to use one contractor to disinfect both common areas and tenant premises are made easy using QuestionnairesThis helps to provide optimal quality assurance, smooth coordination, and quick actions. 

 Communicating this to management and tenants 

  • Re-opening actions schedule is prepared using Project templates. 
  • Once the reopening date is known, I use Notifications to communicatit transparently and openly to all relevant parties in the sequence of the countdown schedule 

 Getting the right things done before re-opening 

  • Updating maintenance templates means Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) manages the onward activity for:
    • fire pumps 
    • fire alarm systems  
    • checking emergency exits and escape routes to ensure they are free from obstructions 
    • the functionality of emergency exit doors 
    • automatic door releases, speakers, and so on 
    • systems for uninterruptible power supply 
    • CCTV – check CCTV systems and picture quality for each camera to verify that the lenses are clean and have not been tampered with 
  • PPM drives the right proactive approach for access control and burglar alarms, so I:  
    • check the functionality of access control systems and burglar alarms 
    • review who has access to the building and update any permits 
    • confirm you have an up-to-date tenants’ staff list and that access is restricted to only those that require it. 
  • PPM ensures I complete other important checks and have all the accompanying evidence and documentation to keep compliant: 
    • potable water systems, including a new legionella test, if required 
    • sewage functionality, including grease traps 
    • toilets and cubicles, including distress alarm functionality 
    • lifts and escalators functionality. 

 Once opened, I keep on top of things 

  • Reports on the number of people inside the buildingusing Dashboardwhich can be configured to monitored and manage input from any third-party data feed 
  • Assess and communicatfirst-aid procedures using the Document Management System with special consideration given to cross-infection risks 
  • The supply of fresh air is maximised because PPM ensures the ventilation system is proactively maintained 
  • New filters are installed in the air handling unit and the maintenance plans in PPM make sure the weekly disinfection task is completed.  

This problem ring a bell? Next Steps?

iSite Lite solution is a great way to try out the product and grow with the solution

  • Speak to us. We want to understand your needs
  • If it’s right for you, we’ll set you up with an account
  • We’ll consult briefly with you to get you up and running and show how it works
  • Get up and running, try it out. Let us know what you think. We’re confident you’ll love it and will see the benefits instantly
  • We’ll work with you to understand how it works for your business and after 6 months we’ll see if you want to be introduced to the iSite LITE product on an ongoing basis
  • Do you need more? lets discuss the extra modules we can offer...