Issue Faced

Different departments are interested and motivated by different things, and as such they do not always share what they know with all different departments. This means it is impossible for any one person or any one department to know everything that is happening. But this makes it extremely hard to see what impact a strategic decision will have on the operations of a business

Explain the numbers Similarly, business performance is underpinned by so many different factors. Only by seeing the whole picture can you understand what is driving performance. Anything from a faulty boiler to operational trial to sales promotions can affect performance.


If a store refit programme is planned at a high level, but operational knowledge relating to gaining access is not shared, the individual projects can slip and the whole programme be delayed.

2500 +


1.5 M +

Hours of software development

3.3 M +


Solution & Benefit

The information held about a property has value that extends well beyond the management of the real estate assets. It provides valuable insight into the wider running of the business. By pulling together all the project, programme, and operational information into one place you can get the most update knowledge on other activities at a property and the specific details you need to decide what action to take. This enables you to plan around issues and re-deploy resource to keep things on track.
The job of ‘explaining the numbers’ is made so much easier with dashboards and reports that are visual and engaging. You can interact with reports in iSite and drill down into the specific area of the business you are interested at the click of a button as well as have a full view of the business operations.

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