Your single view of property. The Property Module brings all property information into a single place, so there is one version of the truth that’s easy to access. The Property Record shows all data, information, projects, activity and documents associated with the property, so you have full knowledge and control.

Project & Programme

Track, measure and record your activities with detailed workflow capabilities, tailored to your needs.

With highly customisable dashboards, integrated budget and cost tracking, timesheets, notifications, and project governance, iSite streamlines property programme operations and lets you focus on delivery.


All your lease information held in the right place. Managing multiple lease breaks and expiries across a property portfolio is both important and challenging. The Lease Module drives pro-active asset management by giving you the lease information you need quickly, so opportunities are not missed. Customisable dashboards help you take action ahead of critical deadlines.

Facilities Management

Manage facilities, assets, contractors and work orders in our Facilities Management module to improve productivity, extend asset life and reduce property maintenance costs all from an intuitive cloud-based system.


Using our mobile application streamlines the practical completion stage of a project. Identification, upload, allocation, and approval can be done remotely, making snagging quicker than ever before.

Document Management

Uploading and accessing files, documents, certificates, and photos is easy on the move with the Document Management System. Virtual folders act as your cloud storage with security and access controls in place so the right people can see and share the right information. Everything is linked intuitively so the documents associated with properties, assets, maintenance, projects, programmes, leases, suppliers, and more is exactly where you would hope it would be.

Planning Applications

Set up specifically to establish structured timelines for development projects, iSite’s Planning Application module identifies the critical milestones and the information required at each stage, so there are no unnecessary delays to completion.


The iSite Assets Module gives you a fully-audited asset register, kept up to date with any interactions including maintenance activity and projects. iSite gives you a trusted single version of the truth relating to the status, details, location, history, and condition of your assets.

iSite can interface with a wide range of third-party platforms, including BIM models, so you have control over the full lifecycle of your assets.


iSite gives you control over the maintenance and replacement spend over the lifetime of an asset. The Asset Lifecycle module provides you with interactive and visual tools to model different asset lifecycle scenarios and make informed decision on capital commitments.

Reporting & Analytics

iSite’s integrated reporting is fully interactive so you can drill down into the area of the business you are interested in by the click of a button. Configurable dashboards can be built on any data in the system, so you have insight and intelligence across all aspects of your property portfolio, enabling data-led decision-making.


Contacts enables you to keep a record of all your internal and external contacts, making finding contact details, company names, job titles, departments etc. easy and fast. Contact records all link seamlessly to the property record and activity.


All the different organisations you interact with across customers, suppliers and your internal organisational structure are stored and managed so there is a clear record of how everything connects.

Security Access Control

It is vitally important with any software product that the right people see the right data. Using the next gen security suite, we will tailor your security parameters so you are in control of who can see what information about your estate.

Import Engine

Creating and updating records can be a labour-intensive process but with iSite’s unique Import Engine, it is incredibly quick and efficient. You can upload XML or CSV data into the system to create property records almost instantly so getting started on your journey to having a single view of your property has never been easier.


Capture information from surveys and questionnaires. Useful for recording anything from project feedback and supplier management to operational insight at a property so you have complete operational visibility across your estate.